self portraits

78 Cent - Nicoletta Poungias.jpg

78 Cent

The title ’78 Cent’ references international statistics, which show that on average, cis white women earn about 22% less for equal work in comparison to men. The most recent numbers provided by the German federal government show a 21% difference. I think it is important to position and label myself as a feminist loud and clear, as I did in this self-portrait. In Germany, we just celebrated the centennial anniversary of women being granted the right to vote, but there is still so much to do in all areas of our life. The social awareness of women’s issues when it comes to discrimination, sexism, misogyny and inequality are often far away from the facts, being seen as a thing of the past. Intersectional feminism to me is therefor the basis for constructive dialog and essential to comprehend to experiences of others.